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Multiple in-person and virtual meetings each year connect members to top peers and high-profile guest speakers. Video meetings are held at least monthly and in-person meetings are hosted by members in major business cities, mostly running noon-to-noon over two days so travelers can minimize time on the road. Members choose meetings that fit their schedules. Attendance at in-person meetings is limited, which contributes to more meaningful and engaging discussion. Substitutions are not permitted.

Recent guest speakers include:

Tom Bevan, co-founder and president of Real Clear Politics

Carl Hulse, chief Washington correspondent, New York Times


The Honorable Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York


Jon Steinberg, Founder and CEO, Cheddar

Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, The Gallup Organization

Alan Colberg, President and CEO, Assurant, Inc.

Dana Perino, Fox News Channel contributor, former White House press secretary


David Faber, CNBC anchor and award-winning author


Bob Pisani, CNBC sr. reporter

Rob Rehg, Global Chairman of Public Affairs & President, Washington, DC, Edelman

Jim MacGregor, co-founder and vice chair, The Abernathy MacGregor Group

Paul Steiger, Editor-in-chief, ProPublica (retired managing editor Wall St. Journal)


(Free Agents are members/former members in an active job search)


  • Jan. 27, Pulling off a global meeting w/Alejandro Arango at Kaspersky

  • Jan. 28, Free Agents call

  • Feb. 24, Org design discussion w/Shirley Powell at Cox Automotive

  • Feb. 25, Free Agents call

  • Mar. 1, special call: Russia invades Ukraine

  • Mar. 24, Return-to-office discussion and Ukraine updates

  • Mar. 25, Free Agents call

  • April 14, multi-hour session, hosted by Bob Kula, Kiewit

  • April 28, "speed networking"

  • April 29, Free Agents and all members, with recruiter Lisa Ryan from Heyman Associates

  • May 10, special call: SCOTUS crisis and potential impact on employee health plans

  • May 11, webinar, “Get unstuck and thrive…” career and life purpose discussion with member Shira Miller

  • May 18, Progress and recognition since George Floyd’s death in 2020

  • May 27, Free Agents call

  • June 24, exec coach Joanne Bobes, for Free Agents and active members

  • June 28, Future of Work, guest speaker Sanjay Rishi, Americas CEO at JLL

  • July 20, Future topics discussion and speed networking

  • July 29, Free Agents call

  • Aug. 3, Internal comms best practices

  • Aug. 18, Org design discussion w/David Snowden at Argo Group

  • Aug. 26, Free Agents call

  • Sept. 15, Mass shooting crisis discussion w/Anne Martino at NothShore hospital system

  • Sept. 23, Free Agents call

  • Sept. 28, NYC in-person meeting at Voya Financial, 10am-4pm

  • Oct. 11, Building a new team amid global media explosion, w/Fernando Vivanco at Maxar

  • Oct. 27, ESG member discussion with Wendy’s, Fannie Mae, Edwards Lifesciences, BBB National Programs and others

  • Oct. 28, Free Agents call

  • Nov. 16, Wash DC, in-person meeting at Axios, 10am-4pm

  • Nov. 18, Free Agents call

  • No meetings planned for December




Agenda topics and guest speakers are decided with help from the host and other members, which ensures meetings are highly relevant and address members’ specific issues. Unstructured time is built in for networking and open discussion. A recent meeting agenda is below, or via the link: 


San Antonio Meeting, Mar. 8-9, 2018


Thursday, March 8


11:30 am                 Lunch, Frost Bank office, 11th floor, 100 W. Houston St., San Antonio 


12:20 pm                 Welcome                


                                  Board Games and Good Governance, John T. Montford, guest speaker


1:45 pm                    Break


2 pm                         150 years of Frost Bank, Bill Day

                                   Intros, “What I love about my job,” All


2:45 pm                    Pulse check on topical issues, All

                                    -CEO activism

                                    -Impact of #MeToo, Time’s Up movements on workplace dialogue

                                    -Tax reform and $1,000 bonuses. Resetting expectations 


3:15 pm                    The Bechtel Journey, Charlene Wheeless




4 pm                          Lightning Round I: member topics

                                    -Amy Fry                                                                         -Kelly Kane

                                    -Lynn Phillips                                                                 -Sunni Goodman

                                    -Dean Rodenbough


5:30 pm                    Adjourn


6-9 pm                      Social time and dinner at Texas de Brazil, a short walk from the hotel. 313 E. Houston St.


Friday, March 9


8 am                          Light breakfast, Frost office, 11th floor, 100 W. Houston St.


8:30 am                    Why San Antonio passed on Amazon HQ2. Guest speakers Jenna Saucedo-Herrera, San                                              Antonio Economic Development Foundation, and Rene Dominguez, City of San Antonio


9:30 am                    Break

10 am                       Sharpening your social media strategy, Dean Rodenbough

                                  Leveraging employees in social media, Sunni Goodman


10:45 am                 Lightning Round II: member topics

                                  -Charlene Wheeless                                                     -Thaddeus Herrick

                                  -Rich Nelson                                                                   -Julie Vitek         


11:30 am                  Open Forum


Noon                         Adjourn

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